Wednesday, December 7, 2016

the last post

At the moment I'm sitting at the airport waiting for my plane. And I'm looking back to a wonderful month in Bari.. Yesterday evening we had our last prayer and after that we celebrated our depart. We showed some pictures, played some games and of course ate Focaccia. :) And many - many people came to say goodbye to us. This was really nice. It is amazing how heartly and warmly the baresian people have welcomed us and now said goodbye to us. They made us feel like superstars yesterday. Everyone wanted to take a photo with us and give kisses - left and right.. 
And there is one thing that amazes us very much: There are now some people who will continue a taize prayer once a week in the perish of San Marchello every thursday. 
Now the boarding starts.. I will leave Bari with a heart full of beautiful experiences and enrichened by so many people. Thank you Bari!! I hope to be able to come back one day..

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  1. Just wonderful to have been able to follow you in this incredible adventure. It seems to have been a blessing for you, the people of Bari and our friends in the camps. May such experiences enlighten those who search for simple ways of communication and togetherness!