Wednesday, December 7, 2016

the last post

At the moment I'm sitting at the airport waiting for my plane. And I'm looking back to a wonderful month in Bari.. Yesterday evening we had our last prayer and after that we celebrated our depart. We showed some pictures, played some games and of course ate Focaccia. :) And many - many people came to say goodbye to us. This was really nice. It is amazing how heartly and warmly the baresian people have welcomed us and now said goodbye to us. They made us feel like superstars yesterday. Everyone wanted to take a photo with us and give kisses - left and right.. 
And there is one thing that amazes us very much: There are now some people who will continue a taize prayer once a week in the perish of San Marchello every thursday. 
Now the boarding starts.. I will leave Bari with a heart full of beautiful experiences and enrichened by so many people. Thank you Bari!! I hope to be able to come back one day..

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Media update 2

We have been again presented in the newsletter of the church, only this time we gave our testimony about our experience, which is ending soon. We didn't discuss before what we should write, and the result I hope it speaks for itself! Italian speakers in advantage!

Open letter to all the workers of CARA

Dear friends who are working in CARA!

Now, that we had our last day in the camp we had the idea to express something that we might have not been able to transmit in person, through our stay in CARA. We would like to let you know that we are immensely grateful for all what you have done for us. We would like to leave a good impression behind to all the volunteers who might follow us. We’ve seen that it was something new not just for us, but for all of us. You took the time, patience and energy to think before, for us to find ways how we can learn, understand better and be useful for the camp.

We hope that you will find a way to continue your work with the same great amount of humanity as what we have experienced in the past month.

Thank you,
Rui, Markus and Szilárd