Wednesday, October 19, 2016

One first note

We are in the midst of the preparation for Bari. Three young man (Rui, Sziliard and me - Markus) are preparing a one-month stay there. What we will do exactly and how it will be, we will see. But for sure we will visit the refugee camp every morning and we will study together with those people Italian. I'm sure this will bring a lot of interesting experiences, friendships and challenges...

I already started to learn some Italian, which has luckily its similarities to French, Latin and English. So I've already been able to understand the rough sense of the Italian mail we got from our hosts today! So I can recommand to everyone - to make some advertisement.

Yeah: io sono multo curioso di permanenza in Bari - I am very curious about the stay in Bari - to be honest I had to look up two words for this sentence. Soon more...


  1. I'm the 2nd-priest that lives with don Gianni. You will be welcome in our community! See you soon!

  2. What would you know about our community? Or would you like a surprise?